Who is Jacky-jack, and where did he come from?

Jacky-jack is a fictional character that I created in 2014 when my 3-year old daughter, Lydia, was on a long car ride, needed some attention or entertainment (or both) but I was occupied with driving (it was a long trip, seriously). So I told her a “Jacky-jack” story as we drove along. She enjoyed it so much that she said, “what about Jacky-jack two?”. Well we’ve gotten up to 30 stories now, and while I remember the story lines to the first few, and the holiday ones, they’re pretty much all in my head (and hers). So I figured I better get these on paper before there’s too many to remember them all. Usually I make stories that are based around what Lydia is going through at the time so that she can more easily relate to them. Some of my nephews and nieces have enjoyed the Jacky-jack stories before going to bed, and have requested specific ones they all enjoyed the most. I hope you enjoy them too, let me know what you think!



Author, Robert Wagner
Robert Wagner, Author

The Adventures of Jacky-Jack, the Tiny Pumpkin