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This is where you can ask Jacky-Jack anything. Maybe you have a challenge you need help with, or maybe you just need to know how to do something new. Whether it’s learning how to find a new friend, or finding the courage to face your fears, Jacky-Jack can help; all you need to do, is tell him what you want to know.

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If you’re seeking answers to your questions, you might also be featured in Jacky-Jack’s next story! Only using the first name of course, but it will be your name, and relate to your question. If you prefer to only ask the question, but not be featured, just let Jacky-Jack know.

If you don’t have a question at this time, sit back, and enjoy Jacky-Jack’s first adventure: Jacky-Jack 1: Why Am I So Small?

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  1. Hi Everyone! I’m Jacky-Jack, and I’m ready to hear what you have to say! What’s on your mind?

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