Jacky-jack 1: Why am I so small?

Once upon a time, there was a tiny little pumpkin named Jacky-jack. He was not as big as the rest of the pumpkins in the garden, and he wasn’t orange either, he was a deep green color, with some spotty, yellow stripes.

As Jacky-jack looked around the garden, he began to wonder if he was in the right place. He was new to this garden, so he didn’t know anybody yet. He turned to the pumpkin next to him, who was big, round, and orange, and said, “Hi, my name’s Jacky-jack. What’s yours?”

“Johnny” Said the pumpkin. “Johnny pumpkin seed”.

“Well Johnny, I think I’m lost. I’m smaller than everyone else, and I’m all green. All the other pumpkins are orange, and they’re huge! Where do you think I’m supposed to go?” Asked Jacky-jack.

“Ha ha ha! Supposed to go?” replied Johnny, “You don’t have to go anywhere, you’re in the right place bud.”

“Yeah, but I’m all green, and super duper tiny, nobody else is like me at all!” said Jacky-jack.

“So what?” Said Johnny, “Do you think I just came out of the ground this big? I used to be green just like you, and I started out smaller too. You’ll be fine bud, just eat your dirt, get lots of water, and soak up that sunshine. That’s all a pumpkin needs to turn orange and grow big.”

Just then, the gardener walked out, “Well hello Jacky-jack, are you making some new friends?” the gardener asked.

“Sure am!” Said Jacky-jack, “His name’s Johnny, and he’s really nice”.

“Well that’s good. I’m glad you could make a new friend your first day here.” Said the gardener. “How do you like your new home?”

“Oh this place is great” said Jacky-jack, “but when am I going to grow big, and turn orange?”

“All in good time” said the gardener, “all you need to do now is have some dirt, lots of water, and sunshine, and you’ll grow big, and turn orange all on your own”

Jacky-jack did just that, he ate as much dirt as he could (since that’s what pumpkins eat), and he got lots of water and sunshine until he turned orange, but he was still the same size as when he started. It had already been three weeks, and Jacky-jack began to worry that he was never going to get big. Just then, Jacky-jack looked up to see the door open, and the gardener coming out for their evening watering.

“Hey gardener?” asked Jacky-jack.

“Yes?” said the gardener.

“I did what you and Johnny told me to do, I ate lots of dirt, and got lots of water and sunshine, but I’m still the same size as when I came here. Am I ever going to get any bigger?”

“I’m sorry Jacky-jack” said the gardener “I guess I was wrong. I thought that if you just had enough dirt, water, and sunshine, you’d get bigger, but you know what? That’s okay if you’re still the same size”.

“But I want to be like everyone else” said Jacky-jack.

“You already are Jacky-jack” said the gardener, “look around you, everyone is a different shape and size, they all have different shaped stems and leaves on them, and different faces too, but on the inside you are all pumpkins, and you all need the same things to grow and be happy. What you look like is not really what matters anyway”

“It’s not?” Asked Jacky-jack.

“Of course not” said the gardener, “what really matters is how you treat others. If you are nice to them, then they will feel nice and so will you. But if you are not nice, then they won’t feel nice, and neither will you. The most important thing is not what you look like, or how big you are, the most important thing is that you are kind.”

Jacky-jack thought for a moment, he began to smile as he realized that being little didn’t matter as much as having a little kindness. He looked up at the gardener’s eyes and said,

“I’ll be the nicest little pumpkin you’ve ever had! I promise!”

“Sounds good” said the gardener, and she handed him a bag of fresh dirt for his supper.

The end.

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The Adventures of Jacky-Jack, the Tiny Pumpkin